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Food in the first 1,000 days lays the foundation for healthy eating habits. Our nutrient dense meals are expertly curated to support development and healthy habits for life.

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  • Tiny Hearts x Le Puree Bundle
    Tiny Hearts x Le Puree Bundle
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    It's finally here!! Introducing the Tiny Hearts x Le Puree Bundle! We have teamed up with Nikki, Co-Founder of Australia's leading educational platform for parents to create a nutritionally dense bundle for you and your little one.  We have paired high quality (and yummy) meals with access to an educational platform focused on empowering you and your baby with expertly created tips and information focused on mealtime, We are so excited to share this amazing partnership with you!

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  • NEW! Roast Turkey
    NEW! Roast Turkey
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    Your baby doesn't have to miss out on Thanksgiving dinner this year! This recipe features all of our classic holiday favourites. Flavour rich from the turkey, sweet potato & zucchini then finished off with the sweet zest of cranberry and thyme. This meal is so tasty and nutrient dense for your baby.

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  • 24 Meal Puree Plan (24-30 meals)

    24 Meal Puree Plan (24-30 meals)

  • Breakfast Bundle!
    Breakfast Bundle!
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    Rise and shine! Our NEW breakfast bundle includes 5 trays of bubs' favourite breakfast blends! Curated to take the stress out of your morning routine, and ensure bub is filled with amazing nutrients, minerals, and flavours that support their development. Your time is precious we free you up with convenient options so you can spend it where it counts. 😌

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Le Puree US

How it works?

Peel, pop, serve. Easy as 1-2-3!

Fresh-made food for your baby. Made weekly, snap frozen in our iconic cube trays and delivered to your front door. Whole foods & organic ingredients only!

Le Puree US



Made Fresh


Allergen Free

Dairy Free


Made in the USA

  • A. Select your plan

    A. Pick your plan

    Reduce the Mama mental load. Set once and let us take it off your plate. We curate a rotating menu of new flavors & textures to explore. Pause or cancel any time.

  • B. Get your box

    B. Get your box

    Meals are delivered straight to your door frozen. Simply warm them up and they’re ready-to-eat. We cook so you don’t have to. We cook so you don’t have to.

  • C. Enjoy this moment!

    C. Enjoy this moment!

    We fuel your little ones growth and development and feed them healthy habits for life. All meals served with a side of ‘Me’ time.

We're your village

  • You can kick that blender to the curb and spend time where it matters most
  • The first 1,000 days of your cub’s life are critical to their relationship with food. We support healthy habits for life
  • Supermarket baby food isn’t stacking up. It can be packed with shelf life-extending nasties and older than our bubs
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